Today Smart Koala includes eleven books for kid's development and learning. Smart Koala Books develop different skils of a kid: reading, speaking, logic, singing, math, drawing, etc. But at the same time, they have something in common - the ful way of foregin languages teaching.

Innovative technology of the printed information playback

Three flags - are three languages of a voice over. Touch one of the flags on a page and then put the Pen on any picture or text - the information on the book's page will be voiced immediately by the human voices!

1. Turn on Smart Pen
2. Choose language
3. Press on page
4. Learn all in a book

Smart Koala Books - is a 100% immersion in the book's material and the unique method of studying languages.
Products aremanufactured from the high-quality materials, that are environmentally friendly. No chemical coverage. Smart Koala smart pens are certified and meet international standarts 3C, СE, FCC & RoHS

«600 Basic Words» Series - three books-steps in learning words from the most wide-spread day-to-day life topic. Three books will help you to get acquainted with basic words and phrases, play in inter-easting games on each page. The printed language of the book is English.

«Words Classic Fairy Tales» Set consist of four worldwide known tales. Books will tell well-known stories of your favorite characters and will teach a kid to be kind, loyal and to love. The texts of fairy tales are printed in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

«Games of Math» Series - are four books for the development af analytical scill of a kid. A kid will learn the principes of geometry, physics and mathematics in the game format. Will train all gained knowlladge during fun gamesof logic. Books will teach how to compare and classify objects, find regularities and what's most important is your kid will enjoy greatly the process of learning.

Company hasmanufactured three models of a Smart Pen.
The lastest development is a branded Spart Pen "Robot".

Pens are working with a Smart Koala books absolutely free.
Updates and audio files can be downloade 24/7 from the website.

Unique functions

Music media player - download, record and listen toyour kid's favorite songs and stories.

Pen automatically turns of after a long time of inactivity.

The outgoing sound is limited in order not to scare your kid.

You can connect headphones and let your kid choose the most comfortable way of learning.

Hight-quality dynamic allows to play audio clearly.

Premium li-on batteries are easy to use, ecologically clean and economical.

Smart Koala products are developed in a way that your kid will love learning from the early age.
Every day the team of authors and designers continue to create new series of smart books and develop the work of the Smart Pen, inventing simultaneously new products for kid's development.

Smart Koala team of professionals is always happy to answer all your questions!