Basic Set Smart Koala 'Smart Pen'
Basic Set Smart Koala 'Smart Pen'
Basic Set Smart Koala 'Smart Pen'
Basic Set Smart Koala 'Smart Pen'

Basic Set Smart Koala "Smart Pen"

Іnnovative means of speech development

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2-14 years
Smart Pen

Smart Pen refers to interactive learning technologies. Pen reads and reproduces any information encoded on the pages of Smart Koala’s books. Interactive talking Pen is multilingual. The user sets the language for the information playback. Smart Pen stimulates learning, speeds up the comprehension of information, makes the learning process an educational game. Recommended for early child development from 2 to 14 years old. Basic Set includes talking Smart Pen, deck, mini USB cable, a brochure with 3 copies of the lessons Koala likes to know "200 Basic Words" (Season 1, Season 2, Season 3).

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supports in the study of foreign languages
builds confidence in speaking & storytelling
facilitates easy perception of languages
includes an instant translation of the heard
accelerates the memorizing process
improves correct words pronunciation
trains in various interactive games
challenges gifted and talented children
international quality certification RoSH, CE
Battery on lithium battery
Headphone jack
Biuld-in voice recorder
8GB of memory
Packing size: 294x220x54mm
12 months warranty service
international RoSH & CE certifications

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We updated the audio files for games from the brochure included with the Start Kit "Smart Pen" for the Pen ROBOT with the SK logo.

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