Smart Fairy Tales Set "World Classic Fairy Tales" Season 2

Interactive books for early childhood development

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2-8 years
Smart Pen

Interactive books for early childhood development. The set consists of 4 world-famous fairy tales. The texts of fairy tales are printed and voiced out in 3 languages - English, Ukrainian, Russian. Clear pronunciation, comfortable pace, polyphony. Books teach fidelity, kindness, love and perseverance. Heroes of fairy tales will tell their stories with human voices, which makes the classical works emotionally deeper. Children are invited to play cognitive games, and parents are offered to read the author's texts in their own voice! The tales from Smart Koala are the first step towards easy English learning. Recommended to use with a Smart Pen. Children from 1 years and up.

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The set includes
Fairy tale "Snow White" (adapted version)
Fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" (adapted version)
Fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" (adapted version)
Fairy tale "The Frog Prince" (adapted version)
Each fairy tale includes 45 fun games questions
Packing size: 262х189х13mm
Book size: 26x8.5cm, 32 pages
Cover - 250 g/m2 coated art paper
Inner pages - 128 gr/m2 art paper